Pink Elephant in the room

Monday, monday… please let me sleep five more minutes, pretty please!

The day started quite early for me with classes about qualitative methods and study! Being a Master´s student this was just a repetition of previous papers but since I’m writing my thesis this semester it’s important to keep the mind updated so I don’t choke! The class was ok though but I was more excited about the afternoon since my thesis partner and I had a meeting with GLOSSYBOX regarding our paper so we took the train to Stockholm.

We arrived to the office and was warmly welcomed by a giant pink elephant and the GLOSSYBOX staff, they were so nice. The girls who we had meeting with showed us around and I totally loved their cute office with the pink/white/girly details. I think I loved their “showroom/studio” the most.

The meeting went really well and we are going to do a case study of the company. I will not go into details but I’m really excited even though we have to work hard to write an academic paper related to theories!

I want to say a big thank you to GLOSSYBOX for giving us a “trial” box to get the customer experience, which will be cool to analyse. I will write a separate post about GLOSSYBOX and their concept!


– Hugs x heart –

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