Game of Dubrovnik

I’m back! Well, I have been home for almost a week.

For those who follow me on Instagram @hugsxheart know that I was traveling. The destination this time was Dubrovnik, Croatia. I just have say that I’m in love with this magical town, it was everything I wanted and more. My sister and I did our first trip together and it was really exciting to share this experience with her. Dubrovnik is an old town with lots of history but at the same time they have nice docks and beaches with clear blue water. We spent almost 3 days in Dubrovnik where we did some sightseeing, chilled at the beach, ate good food, walked the Dubrovnik wall with the view of the sunset, it was breathtaking. I didn’t want to leave, even the view from our apartment was to die for sure it was very hilly but totally worth it.

The view near our apartment

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Wall of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik magical sunset

We also took one day bus trip to Montenegro along with 40 other people, we went to Budva, Kotor and Perast. Guys, you should totally visit this country too, the nature and mountains were so amazing. We took lots of photos and just spent our day enjoying the view and relaxing. On the way home, our bus had some issues with the motor so we spent 2-3 hours on the side of the road with a motel nearby that didn’t take debit card or Croatian kuna, so no dinner for us except some chips we had. The funny part that everyone on the bus minded their own business all day without talking to anyone and suddenly people started to be social.

Near Budva, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro

Perast, Montenegro

I started to talk to this really cute guy from Argentina who had the cutest smile, and he was telling me about his Euro trip and Tomorrowland. It was dark and it felt like camping under the stars and moonlight, romantic huh? Haha well we were sitting on the ground and had no food. So yeah, we had a little flirt but nothing special and then our ride came; minibuses… we got separate cars so there he went (ok we exchanged FB but he is too far and too much of a party guy, not my scene). I had so much fun and it was an experience.

However, there was one downside of the trip… It was too HOT!!! Omg, I’m from Sweden were our summers are not at all but 32-34 degrees (celsius) everyday was too much for me and I was sweating rivers haha … The heat was called Lucifer and many European countries were affected. Overall it was so good and I miss Dubrovnik already and I hope to go back someday. I’m totally recommending this place, especially if you love Game of thrones 😉

– Hugs x Heart –

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