Chia pudding recipe

First of all, I just have to say it’s so fun to be blogging again and to see some familiar faces that are still around and also a big welcome to new readers. Being a part of a small community is the reason I’m still here 🙂

Hope you all had/having a great weekend! I have been in bed almost all weekend not feeling so well, but it’s much better now. I’m glad that some of you liked the previous post and I even got a request on how to make chia pudding, it’s super easy! I know that there are different recipes online but I make it in the most basic way.

Chia pudding recipe (1 serving):

0,5- 1 cup milk of your choice  (oat, almond, coconut etc.)

1-3 teaspoons chia seeds


Step 1. Pour the milk in a bowl, I use oat milk in my chia pudding to keep it extra healthy but you can use whatever you prefer. I take the amount of milk that is for the small serving glass (seen on the picture above), so you can increase the amount of liquid.

Step 2. Pour the chia seeds into the bowl (adjusted to the liquid). You can buy chia seeds at any health stores, grocery stores or even online. I bought these really cute pocket chia seeds in Malaysia from the brand Love Earth but I normally buy bigger packs from the store.

Step 3. Start stirring the seeds in the liquid until it give a gelatine consistence (see the pictures below), just adjust if more milk or seed are needed. When you feel that it’s the right thickness, pour the pudding into a serving glass/bowl. I normally make my chia pudding in the evenings and put it in the fridge over the night because it sets in well.

Chia pudding can be the perfect breakfast or healthy snack and it’s super nice after workout or if you invite people over. You can add anything topping you want for flavor. This was my first attempt to share a recipe on this blog haha, hope you guys got the idea anyways.

Other than that I got a new phone few days ago which I was super excited about. I finally said goodbye to my iPhone and got Samsung Galaxy S8 and the camera and design is to die for but I’m still used to iOS.

iPhone 6 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8

Please let me know what you want to read more about in this blog and leave your suggestions! Have a great day ❤

– Hugs x Heart –

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Sunny side up

Loving those sunny days where you can sit in the balcony and just enjoy some healthy snacks. I’m planning on being more healthy again because lately I have been kinda sloppy when it comes to eating right and exercising. It is very important to take care of yourself!

The past days I have been making chiapudding as breakfast and it’s actually good especially when you have berries or nuts. I’m also making fresh juice with my awesome juice making machine I got as a XMAS gift from my mom.

I would love to hear about your favorite healthy breakfast or snacks that I can try out!

– Hugs x Heart –

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