I’m back!

First of all it feels good to start blogging again, well at least try again. I know that I have been gone WAY TO LONG and in all honesty I have not been feeling like blogging. Without getting into details on why I stop I thought that it would be a perfect time to restart since I just entered a new era of my life.

Friday 29th June, this late 80s kid left her 20s and entered the life as a 30 year old woman. Scary? Well, at first the thought of getting older gave me anxiety since I was comparing myself with people my age who are married, engaged, have kids, building houses etc. All these things could make me sad since I’m not there myself, but then I start thinking of all the things I do have.

In my late 20s I decided to study again in order to get a Masters degree at Swedens top university in Business, best decision ever. I have been traveling and seeing new cool places and I met amazing (and fake people) on the way… all these factors helped me grow as a better person. One day it hit me: I’m a very lucky person who should be thankful for what I have in life. After thinking more positive my age anxiety suddenly started to fade away.

On Friday I took the day off from work and had fancy dinner with my family at Lebanon Meza Lounge. Oh my goodness the food was so amazing, loved every bite of it and the staff were super nice too. We had such a nice evening at the VIP table and I was so happy to have the closest people in my life at the same room. My family were so cute and had fixed a cake with sparkles while singing Happy Birthday in 4 different language at the restaurant. They also spoiled me with beautiful gifts; Two Thomas Sabo charms to my bracelet, Rituals products, Snö of Sweden necklace and earrings and some Belgian chocolates. I’m so thankful!

My day was also filled with lots of love from my friends and relatives with their sweet texts, snapchats, Facebook messages, phone call with birthday songs sung to me haha.

I can today say that it feels good to be 30! Time for a new chapter and you know what they say?

30 is the new 20 😉

– Hugs x Heart-


Magic of summer

Summers in Sweden can be the most relaxing thing in the world, especially when the weather is right. I have been living in Sweden all my life and for me the summers have always been magical and calming even though you just stare at the water or just taking a walk in the forest or a park for hours. Just you and the nature!

Today was really good weather so my family and I decided to have a BBQ at Hagaparken, which is a park north of Stockholm where the Crown Princess of Sweden currently lives. We had a really good time and just had some family quality time, no stress! I made some rhubarb pie that we had back home with some delicious ice-cream!

Here are some pictures from today:

– Hugs x heart –

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Chapter XXIX

It feels really strange to be blogging again… it’s almost like I’ve forgotten how to write posts since I have been writing academic texts/essays the past two years at university. For those who have been following me for a long time knows that I love expressing myself and sharing my experiences. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I felt like having a new start for the blog since I’m entering a new chapter in my life right now.

Some of you guys might wonder what I have been up to the past months. Well for starters, I’m officially a Master’s graduate in Business and got really good feedback on my thesis. I’m currently looking for a job, so I have some extra free time right now. I was in Asia with my family after my graduation, we went to Singapore and Malaysia for almost two weeks and it was an amazing experience and we really enjoyed the trip. I’m still single but currently very happy to finally feel free from all the selfish and toxic guys that I dated. I rather wait a bit longer for the right person rather than meeting guys who is not good for me. Other than that I have been spending time with family and friends, just chilling!

Singapore, Singapore (2017)

Gardens of the bay

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Hope you all are doing well! I’ve missed you!

I hope that I will find interesting things to write about and share it with you guys! Please let me know if it is something specific you want to read more about and I’ll love to try it out! Also make sure to follow my Instagram where I update stuff!

Talk to you guys soon!

– Hugs x Heart –

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Hugsxheart 2.0

Hey hearthuggers,

I have been blogging here on WordPress since June 2014  and have over 800 followers which to me is just crazy yet amazing to have so many people who find this blog interesting. As you all know Hugsxheart blog have been about my life, my stories and thoughts on a more personal level which has been great and I like having a blog as an outlet to write about my feelings and thoughts. Although, lately I feel that the blog lost its identity from being fun to more “sad”. I want a blog where I write about things I’m passionate about.

I have decided to “re-start” Hugsxheart and enter a new era, but for those who liked my “personal” blog, don’t worry! I’m going to export all posts from this blog to a new address: https://myheartballoon.wordpress.com/ so make sure to follow and stay tuned!

I want to thank everyone who have been supportive and been there for me the past years and I really hope that you will like Hugsxheart 2.0! Talk soon! Love you guys ❤

Lots of Love
– Nad

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