One chapter ends…

I feel overwhelmed right now!

So much have happened the past months which is just crazy and right now I have this empty feeling in my heart! I big part of my life just concluded and I have to get ready for the next chapter in life, whatever that is!

First of all I finished my Master’s thesis, which is a HUGE accomplishment and soon I can officially get the title M.Sc in International Business (when I pass of course). The paper took over my life but thankfully I made a great friend who kept me sane and she pushed me into one adventure after another. She made sure that I would enjoy my last months as a student and I’m forever thankful for that and hanging out with her every day became a fun thing! I celebrated Valborg, went to spring ball, fun dinners and meeting new amazing people!

When it comes to my non-existing love life, I’m friends with my ex again (well we talked things out after the Stockholm thing) so we’re good even though we will not be a couple. When it comes to Daniel, he is one of the biggest idiots in Uppsala because he is the most unsecure and coward guy I’ve known. I have nothing to say about that guy other than that he WASTED my time! I gave up on love and started to do what I like and hang out with my friends. One day we went out clubbing at a nation (which I barely do) this guy grabbed my arm and I laughed and let him go. My friend saw that and was like: REALLY Nad!?!? She took my hand started to look for the guy and when she found him, she pushed me into his arm and was like DANCE! and walked away… He was a very handsome guy who was speaking english so I had to ask where he was from, turn out to be Switzerland. For those who don’t know, Switzerland is like my second home, so we talked about that! He was only here for a week for International week. Well long story short (I will write another post about it) we kissed and meet few times after that evening (4/7 days) and I fell for him… but he went back home and I got sad! We still talk sometimes but he is keeping his distance and wants me to find a guy who don’t live abroad.

Then we had lots of celebrations at Uni after handing in the thesis, we had cake party/ceremony with the Master’s class, Summer ceremony at Uppsala castle and finally Master gasque (fancy dinner) with the class! I wish that I could tell more in detail but this post would be very long. So yeah, now I have no clue what I want to do or where I wanna be! Let’s see what happens! I wanted to update you guys!

Also, my blog is 3 years old now! haha love you guys! I’ve missed you a lot! ❤

Lots of love

–  Nad

Life update!

It’s official!

My thesis has almost taken over my life… I need to break free and live!

Hey guys! Long time no see right? It feels like ages that I came down to this place called earth. My life has been a 9 to 5 hamster wheel with this freaking thesis that never seem to end, one headache after another, yet I’m trying to be positive and brave (even though life punches me in the face time to time). I try to study hard on weekdays in order to enjoy my weekends but man I’m so tired and just want to get this over with.

What’s new in my life you might ask?

Well truth to be told, nothing! I’m on the same damn spot! I did my internship last semester in hopes that it would help me land a job, NOPE! Everyone else are getting offers here and there but I got the losing ticket even though I did a good job, all the higher managers gave me compliments but no one gets hired at L’Oréal no matter how talented you are. I’m applying to other companies, no no no is all I get in the mails because we chose someone “better” so yeah that makes me sad. My thesis partner is being too harsh sometimes to me and is over ambitious and gives me bad conscious when I do something else beside study even if she “shows” that she is ok but she likes studying almost 24/7. Sure we worked hard and is still in good phase but I want to enjoy my last student life too. I have a limit, I’m not the 20-year-old Nad who could remember things by heart.

Other than that Daniel is still messing with my brain and heart!… Well one thing is still good! That I’m finally happy with who I am and I’ve come this far and in 2 months I’m graduating. From being dumped my ex on the day I started my Master’s to actually pass ALL my exams, score a great internship, meet amazing people, found love again, but most importantly finding MY IDENTITY, my happiness! That thought was out of the world few years ago. So I’m truly blessed about everything even though I getting through things right now. Thanks to my ex I’m here working my ass off instead of hiding in my room feeling sorry about myself. I’m counting my blessings and you guys have been amazing by supporting me.

I will try to post something soon! Love you guys ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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Angels crying

Yesterday was really fun!

The day started out with lectures but unfortunately it wasn’t relevant for our thesis so we left earlier to attend the H&M lecture instead haha. There were so many people there and the presentation was really good where they explain the roles of different sectors in the company, collaboration with The Weeknd and their expansion strategy/visions which I found really interesting since I’m studying International Business. After the lecture, I spoke to more companies that were not there yesterday and some of were interested in my profile and said that I should apply to them.

In the evening I went to a pre-party at a friend’s house where we played cards and listened to E-type since we were going to see him live later. I think we arrived at Norrlands Nation around 10 PM, thank goodness we had bought tickets instead of waiting outside in the cold to get the “after release” entrance. There were lots of people at Norrlands hyping for E-type mostly for the nostalgic feels, it was like being 10 years all over again haha. My classmates and I were talking. laughing and dancing while waiting for the show to start. It felt nice to some thing other than studying. When E-type entered the stage all the kids were getting all energetic and jumping everywhere. We all started to sing out loud to the famous hits of the 90’s while E-type was mostly letting the fans “sing” his parts and the girls on stage were doing the work.




He was performing hits like Angels crying, This is the way, Here I go again, Campione etc. Sure it wasn’t the best concert vocally or show wise but it was fun. The show went on an hour or so, it was hard to keep track of the time but we went to MAX to grab some food/milkshakes before heading home. What I love about living in Uppsala as a student is that you never get bored, there’s always something going on especially with the nations, hanging with friends or other activities. The town itself is also awesome and cosy!

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and that you have a great Friday, talk soon ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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Aim for the stars

Don’t you just love those days when you feel inspired, on top of the world and to think that any thing is possible?

That is how I felt right now! Today it was Kontaktdagarna; it’s a two days event/career fair where companies come to the university and meet-up with the students and talk about their organizations and different career options. But truth to be told, people mostly just go to their stands to grab some free stuff like pens and candy (guilty aswell haha). Nah! People listen too 😉



Since I’m graduating this summer it’s good to start early with the work-hunting process and see what interesting companies are out there and what they have to offer. I spoke with quite lot companies, not all of them were for me but it was nice to hear about their experiences and tips for the future, which I really appreciated. Around noon we went to attend a presentation that Microsoft had where they talked about their vision and future technology, which was really cool and interesting to see (being a tech nerd). H&M will have their presentation tomorrow, so I look forward to that!



Well, now it’s time for bed! Sleep well ❤

– Hugs x heart –

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Pink Elephant in the room

Monday, monday… please let me sleep five more minutes, pretty please!

The day started quite early for me with classes about qualitative methods and study! Being a Master´s student this was just a repetition of previous papers but since I’m writing my thesis this semester it’s important to keep the mind updated so I don’t choke! The class was ok though but I was more excited about the afternoon since my thesis partner and I had a meeting with GLOSSYBOX regarding our paper so we took the train to Stockholm.

We arrived to the office and was warmly welcomed by a giant pink elephant and the GLOSSYBOX staff, they were so nice. The girls who we had meeting with showed us around and I totally loved their cute office with the pink/white/girly details. I think I loved their “showroom/studio” the most.

The meeting went really well and we are going to do a case study of the company. I will not go into details but I’m really excited even though we have to work hard to write an academic paper related to theories!

I want to say a big thank you to GLOSSYBOX for giving us a “trial” box to get the customer experience, which will be cool to analyse. I will write a separate post about GLOSSYBOX and their concept!


– Hugs x heart –

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X blue and yellow

Today is a historic day … well I’m not talking about the new president of America.

It’s a big day for the Swedish people! We finally reached 10 million inhabitants, woho *celebrating dance* … I know! I know! Some cities in the world has over 10 million people and it’s not a big deal. It’s just cool that all my life we learned that it was 9 million people and now up to X.


Yeah I need to do something more fun on a Friday rather than writing this post but the more you know (insert shooting star with rainbow). Hope you guys are having the best Friday ever 😀

Talk soon my huggerz ❤

~ HxH

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Hugsxheart 2.0

Hey hearthuggers,

I have been blogging here on WordPress since June 2014  and have soon 800 followers which to me is just crazy yet amazing to have so many people who find this blog interesting. As you all know Hugsxheart blog have been about my life, my stories and thoughts on a more personal level which has been great and I like having a blog as an outlet to write about my feelings and thoughts. Although, lately I feel that the blog lost its identity from being fun to more “sad”. I want a blog where I can focus more on other topics like fashion, beauty, fitness and write post about different current topics/events yet writing about my every day life.


I have decided to “re-start” Hugsxheart and enter a new era, but for those who liked my “personal” blog, don’t worry! I’m going to export all posts from this blog to a new address: so make sure to follow and stay tuned!

I want to thank everyone who have been supportive and been there for me the past years and I really hope that you will like Hugsxheart 2.0! Talk soon! Love you guys ❤

Lots of Love
– Nad

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