Amsterdam, Netherlands (2015)


Today I went off to explore the city on my own! I had my dear camera with me and a map in case I would get lost but I lived near Heineken so I had a good spot to remember. Unfortunately since I was on my own I can’t explain every building that took picture off to you guys or the “hidden” gems, but maybe next time I visit Amsterdam! First I went to Rijksmuseum (National museum) where the I AMSTERDAM sign and Van Gogh Museum is. It was really pretty place with all the tulips in the fountain water and everyone were jumping on the letters and taking photos, there were so many people there from all over the world. I bought ticket for the Hop-on-off bus because it was the only way I could see the whole city in few hours. I’m a bit sad that I didn’t have time for the boats through the canals.


Before getting on the bus I had to buy some souvenir’s  and I saw the cutest wooden shoes that I had to have! Someone told that I had to walk to Vondel park to get on the bus, but it was not that easy finding it, dutch people are maybe the most helpful people who I have met so I…



40 minutes later… Sorry! We just was power failure in our area so it was pitch black everywhere just as I was writing this post! Had to light up candles and wait haha. Anyways, I managed to find the bus stop and start the tour. We passed Anne Frank’s house, Wester Church, Red Light District, Windmill de Gooyer, Dam Square, Rembrandt Square, Jewish Quarter, Skinny Bridge etc.

IMG_3364Central station

If you want to check out my bus route with places in Amsterdam click here for tips.

I fell in love with the city because it was so BEAUTIFUL and it had its own character. As you can see from my pictures the city is full of trams and bikes, wow does people in Amsterdam love their bikes and they have their own traffic system. One thing I didn’t like was the smell of weed whenever I passed a coffee shop or if someone was smoking, yuck! When I was in the souvenir shop they had a section for weed with lollipops, cookies and other things, also very sex oriented items aswell with boobs and other parts.

IMG_3250Amsterdam ❤ Bikes

Later one I found out that the host’s father lived at Singel (which is the by the canal and very rich people can afford to live there, yes her father was wealthy) and we were going to stay near Anne Frank’s house. It was getting dark and I passed Dam Square where I saw this “amusement park” in the middle of the city which amazed me haha, I managed to find the place at Singel. Her father lived on the top floor and you had to buzz several times to come inside the building. It felt really fancy in the hallway with the fashion pictures and only a certain elite lived there which I’m not used to. But her father’s apartment wasn’t that impressing inside (Swedes are into home interior and we have a really good living standard)  but this was minimalistic with old TV, too much empty space, holes in the sofa, messy kitchen and the apartment smelled cigar.


The father was a nice but reserved dutch man. He didn’t say much but I saw all the camera equipment and asked if he was a photographer. Bingo! found something to talk about. He started to talk about camera and showed his Hasselblad camera. Oh my goodness what a beauty of a camera, it was really cool to see such old piece of equipment! Since the father lived on the top floor I went to the roof and saw the AMAZING view of the city, I was happy that I got the chance to see that. The girls wanted to go to the spa/gym area because of them wanted to go to the sauna. There was an indoor swimming pool so I put my feet in the water while the other girl was meditating. It was so peaceful and kind of nice, I felt calm. Afterwards I was really tired so me and the girls shared the bed and fell asleep quickly.

wpid-2015-04-24-09.25.03-1.jpg.jpegHasselblad Camera


Next morning was my last day and my flight was round 5 PM so I went to grab my bag and checked out Dam Square before heading to the airport. Overall the experience was good but of course it would have been more fun with good company of someone I like but I did the best of the situation. I really recommend you to visit Amsterdam when you have the opportunity in life. All my family and friends wants to go there now after seeing my pictures haha.  I hope you liked this post and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Click on the thumbnails to see the pictures of Amsterdam!

– Hugs x heart –

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